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Consolidated Rig Works, LPConsolidated Rig Works, LP
Consolidated Rig Works, LPConsolidated Rig Works, LP

Multi-Purpose Pump Skids

Multi-Purpose Pump Skid with 5×4 Centrifugal Pump

Multi-Purpose Pump Skid with 4×3 Centrifugal Pump

The CRW skid mounted, one piece single pump unit is capable of pumping fracturing fluid, inhibited acid, slurries and other oilfield pumping fluids at pressures up to 15,000 psi. It is a high pressure pumping unit for supporting coiled tubing operations. The pumping power skid is comprised of a diesel engine that is capable of delivering 400 hydraulic horsepower for the fluid pump. The power source is Class I Division II [NEC500] approved. The engine drives the pump through a standard transmission. The unit utilizes an appropriately sized, hydraulically driven centrifugal pump for boosting the triplex. The control panels are stainless steel with descriptions and details etched, filled and clear finished. The control panels are located on the platform located within the semi-enclosed operator station. Each panel has a lockable cover to limit access. The skid is of heavy duty oilfield type fabrication utilizing commercial grade tubing, lifted to a standard DNV 2.73/OFS 13 2/4-point lift. third party certification to DNV 2.73 is available as an option. All electrical is intrinsically safe or supplied in explosion proof enclosures. The unit is equipped with all necessary safety features to operate in a Class I Division II [NEC 500] environment. This unit is capable of operating on land, offshore platforms and barges.

The physical dimensions of the unit are as follows (all data is approximate):

  • Overall length: 20 feet
  • Overall width: 8 feet
  • Overall height: 10 feet
  • Gross weight: 28,000 pounds

Environmental limits:

  • Temperature: -20F to +125F
  • Humidity: 95% relative
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