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Consolidated Rig Works, LPConsolidated Rig Works, LP
Consolidated Rig Works, LPConsolidated Rig Works, LP

Power Packs

Coiled Tubing Unit Power Packs

CRW Standard Coiled Tubing Unit Power Pack Specifications

  1. Prepped, primed and painted a single color of customer choice.
  2. Fitted with 4-point lift and a crash frame. Shackles are of the bolt, nut and locking pin design.  Slings are furnished.
  3. Standard dimensions:  158 in. long x 98 in. wide x 98 in. high
  4. Industrial water-cooled diesel engine, muffler of spark arresting type, oil drain hose and shutoff valve with a plug and stainless steel exhausts
  5. Engine monitoring system, equipped with pneumatically operated emergency engine air shut-off
  6. Pneumatically operated emergency engine air shut-off
  7. Engine control panel
  8. Diesel-lubricated air starter with air reservoir tank
  9. Air system with a chemically activated air dryer to handle ambient humidity
  10. External air supply line for charging air start system
  11. Open loop injector drive system
  12. BOP accumulators
  13. Air-to-hydraulic oil heat exchanger
  14. Diesel fuel tank with drainage, sediment trap and isolation valves
  15. Stainless steel hydraulic oil reservoir
  16. Check valves installed between tanks or reservoirs and filters
  17. Fixed access ladder to top of hydraulic and fuel reservoirs for maintenance
  18. Protective roof

Standard Containerized Snubbing Jack Power Pack

CRW Standard Containerized Snubbing Jack Power Pack Specifications

  1. Fully enclosed
  2. Weather resistant
  3. Minimum 500 BHP
  4. Heavy duty radiator
  5. Denison pumps
  6. Standard 4-point lifting sling

Alternate Snubbing Jack Power Packs

CRW Alternate Snubbing Jack Power Pack Specifications

  1. Cummins 600 hp engine
  2. Heavy duty radiator
  3. Denison pumps
  4. Skid mounted with protection frame with 4 point lift eyes
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