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Consolidated Rig Works, LPConsolidated Rig Works, LP
Consolidated Rig Works, LPConsolidated Rig Works, LP


20K Injector

CRW 20K Injector Head

The CRW 20K Injector Head assembly is set up to run capillary and steel coiled tubing sizes ranging from 1/2” through 2”.  The chain is of one piece construction with “non-replaceable” grippers.  The head is fit with a 36” gooseneck assembly and manual hold-down boxes.  The customer has the choice of a single acting hydraulic load cell, or a dual acting electronic.  A QD bulkhead for quick make up and standard rated sling is provided.  Unit is capable of pulling 25,000# at 3,800 psi hydraulic pressure.

Standard Specifications:

  1. variable displacement piston motor drive
  2. right angle planetary – direct drive with spring applied brake
  3. three independent traction circuits
  4. mechanical chain down tensioning with visual indicators
  5. hydraulic or electronic weight indicator
  6. fall pole with optional winch
  7. removable stripper adapter plate
  8. 36” gooseneck with flared lead-in
  9. forklift pockets in base
  10. height (less gooseneck): 63.25”
  11. length: 38”
  12. width: 48.50”

20K Injector

Consolidated Rig Works, LP