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Consolidated Rig Works, LPConsolidated Rig Works, LP
Consolidated Rig Works, LPConsolidated Rig Works, LP

Wet Kits

Wet Kit Tractor

CRW Standard Wet Kit Specifications:

  1. Tractor with splitter installed by dealer
  2. Wet kit to bolt to tractor frame
  3. Mounted dual output gearbox to drive bidirectional axial piston pump for injector drive and pressure compensated pumps for all other functions, two-stage pump for crane supply or hydraulic flow divider for crane operation, if required; and auxiliary pump dedicated to closed loop flushing
  4. Hydraulic reservoir with sight gauge
  5. Hydraulic powered air to oil heat exchange
  6. All necessary hydraulic valves, gauges, hoses, filters, and piping
  7. Controls for engine connected to control cabin via control cable
  8. Low level indicator with air horn in hydraulic tank
  9. Hydraulic accumulators for BOP system
Consolidated Rig Works, LP